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Spotted Fawn and Doe

Spotted Fawn and Mama

This past Monday I decided to take off to Springfield to pick up some additional camera equipment with thoughts of the upcoming eclipse – I know I know – should have done that months ago… But anyway Bedford Camera had what I was looking for, so Dan, Anni and I took off. After getting my camera equipment, we picked up lunch and wanted to find a nice spot to sit outdoors and eat. I hadn’t been around Springfield Lake too much so decided might be a good spot. We had a nice lunch with a great view, even got to see 2 different types of herons – and yes, I took a few shots of them. Decided to then find a nice trail to hike. There were a couple in the area. After hiking and hiking for hours deep into the woods we happened upon 2 does and 2 spotted fawns – well not really, Dan told me to say that – ha! BUT in reality we were driving to the trail and along the road 2 does and 2 spotted fawns were right along the road. In some ways it made it harder as I knew if I got out of the car, off they would run and there is no way to setup a tripod in the car – ha. Did capture a few fun shots though. There is something special about fawns with their spots still on. Made my day.



Contact me for information on purchasing this photo.Available on Canvas, Paper, Metal, Tile, Glass and more.

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