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Colorado Landscapes

Bringing in the New Year with Snow and Ice in Colorado

We brought in 2018 in Colorado this year. What a great way to start the new year!

Boulder Creek, Colorado

Boulder Creek, Colorado

 I didn’t have a lot of time to get out with my camera but every morning I rose before the sun and headed out for a few hours.  It was cold there and near single digit and a few of the mornings there was light snow falling.  The first morning I headed to Boulder Creek.  I love the Canyon Road drive from Boulder to Nederlands.  I didn’t get very far on the drive as I stopped at the first parking area where there is a nice trail and I never made it any further.  The sun was just starting to rise over the mountains and just barely could be seen through the low hanging clouds

Ice Fractures Along Boulder Creek

Icicles Along Boulder Creek

Icicles Along Boulder Creek


The next day brought me back to Boulder creek as I wanted to explore down along the creek and capture some of the wonderful fractures in the ice and the icicles. I had just purchased some crampons for my boots and I was really happy that I had them.  I wondered down along the edge of the creek scrambling thru brambles and over fallen trees in the ice and snow.  I for sure did not want to slide on into the frigid water of the creek.  The water flow opened up the ice that was at places about a foot deep and made insteresting fractures.  The icicles were phenomenal and it was fun seeing the water rushing up against the ice making all sorts of great photo opps. 

Cache La Poudre River

Cache La Poudre Canyon Scenic Drive

The third day, my husband and I decided to drive a favorite drive in the area along Poudre Canyon.  We had not driven it during the winter but I had high expectations of it being beautiful with the river running right along side the road.  I was not disappointed.  There was more snow on the mountains as we drove up towards Cameron Pass.  With the ice edged river, the rich evergreens again the snow covered mountains with the beautiful blue sky, the views were fantastic.

More photos from Colorado can be seen on my online gallery and prints can be purchased there also or feel free to contact me.

Colorado Mountains – Take Me Away

Dirt Road to Colorado Mountains in Open Space near Westminster Colorado

Colorado Mountains – Take Me Away

I love going through my photos after a trip. This one that I just looked at today is special and speaks to me and says Take Me Away ! It is sort of like that old commercial – Calgon take me away but this time its “Colorado Mountains – Take Me Away” – LOL. There are certain photos that just speak to me and this is one of them. Our life is a journey and I can tell that this journey, down this path before me, if I chose to take it, will lead to something great…. I hope that this will speak to you like it speaks to me, that it can take you out of the troubles of the moment, and take you to a special place!
Think I’m going to have to print this big. Can you imagine it as a huge mural on a wall, big you would even be able to really see the snow peaked mountains nestled in the distance…. Wow. Hmmmmm


Dogs on Dirt Road to Colorado Mountains in Open Space near Westminster Colorado

Pups Path….

Fun memories for sure – the pups were eagerly traversing their path and were loving every second of it – oh to have that carefree spirit no matter the storms brewing around us….


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Rifle Falls State Park

Rifle Falls, Colorado

Rifle Falls, Colorado

We enjoyed camping this past fall in the Rifle area in Colorado  We camped at Rifle State Park but we enjoyed a trek up to Rifle Falls State park – home of an 80ft tall Triple Falls. We arrived in the evening and got beautiful light. There were several limestone caves in the area we enjoyed exploring also.  We were able to go behind the falls even up towards the top.

Rifle Falls, Colorado

Rifle Falls, Colorado

Golden Rule

Old Schoolhouse, Fall Aspen and Mountains Photograph

As I mentioned in another post, we love driving the Last Dollar Road near Telluride.  This was another phenomenal view we found while traversing along it and its side roads.  There was this old unique schoolhouse that we passed and I wanted to stop and photograph it but unfortunately there were several people around so we decided to bypass it with hopes of returning later.  On down the road, I looked back and there it was, the perfect shot!  The old schoolhouse with its outbuildings, golden aspen, snow peaked mountains and cool clouds.  I was so glad that we had traveled on down the road!  Definitely a top favorite!  I didn’t want to leave this spot. 

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Glow before the Storm, Last Dollar Road

Aspen Before Storm on Last Dollar Road Telluride Colroado Area

Glow Before Storm on Last Dollar Road Telluride Colroado Area

When in the Telluride area, we love driving the Last Dollar Road – well parts of it….  There are parts that are narrow and very nerve racking so we don’t always drive the whole way thru the pass.  Last Dollar Road takes you winding amongst beautiful aspen groves and then it will open up into beautiful prairie type fields and then around the next bend you will see the gorgeous San Juan Mountains.  I could spend days, weeks, yes months exploring the beauty along this road.  We were on the Telluride side and storms were moving in so we had decided that we did not need to spend much time on this road as it and rain are not a good combination so we decided to just travel just a short ways on it and some adjoining roads and not venture far from the paved roads. Sure enough the storms started getting closer and as we were driving, I turned and looked back in the direction we had come from and there was this beautiful little grove of aspen with the sun shining on them and the dark black storm clouds moving in closely behind them.  By the time I got my camera and tripod out and setup for the shot the clouds were just about upon the aspen and I barely got a few shots off before the trees were over taken by darkness.  I just barely made it back to the care with the clouds let loose.  We were certainly glad that we didn’t have far to go to get off the narrow pot hole ridden roads.

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