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Bringing in the New Year with Snow and Ice in Colorado

We brought in 2018 in Colorado this year. What a great way to start the new year!

Boulder Creek, Colorado

Boulder Creek, Colorado

 I didn’t have a lot of time to get out with my camera but every morning I rose before the sun and headed out for a few hours.  It was cold there and near single digit and a few of the mornings there was light snow falling.  The first morning I headed to Boulder Creek.  I love the Canyon Road drive from Boulder to Nederlands.  I didn’t get very far on the drive as I stopped at the first parking area where there is a nice trail and I never made it any further.  The sun was just starting to rise over the mountains and just barely could be seen through the low hanging clouds

Ice Fractures Along Boulder Creek

Icicles Along Boulder Creek

Icicles Along Boulder Creek


The next day brought me back to Boulder creek as I wanted to explore down along the creek and capture some of the wonderful fractures in the ice and the icicles. I had just purchased some crampons for my boots and I was really happy that I had them.  I wondered down along the edge of the creek scrambling thru brambles and over fallen trees in the ice and snow.  I for sure did not want to slide on into the frigid water of the creek.  The water flow opened up the ice that was at places about a foot deep and made insteresting fractures.  The icicles were phenomenal and it was fun seeing the water rushing up against the ice making all sorts of great photo opps. 

Cache La Poudre River

Cache La Poudre Canyon Scenic Drive

The third day, my husband and I decided to drive a favorite drive in the area along Poudre Canyon.  We had not driven it during the winter but I had high expectations of it being beautiful with the river running right along side the road.  I was not disappointed.  There was more snow on the mountains as we drove up towards Cameron Pass.  With the ice edged river, the rich evergreens again the snow covered mountains with the beautiful blue sky, the views were fantastic.

More photos from Colorado can be seen on my online gallery and prints can be purchased there also or feel free to contact me.

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