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storm clouds

Glow before the Storm, Last Dollar Road

Aspen Before Storm on Last Dollar Road Telluride Colroado Area

Glow Before Storm on Last Dollar Road Telluride Colroado Area

When in the Telluride area, we love driving the Last Dollar Road – well parts of it….  There are parts that are narrow and very nerve racking so we don’t always drive the whole way thru the pass.  Last Dollar Road takes you winding amongst beautiful aspen groves and then it will open up into beautiful prairie type fields and then around the next bend you will see the gorgeous San Juan Mountains.  I could spend days, weeks, yes months exploring the beauty along this road.  We were on the Telluride side and storms were moving in so we had decided that we did not need to spend much time on this road as it and rain are not a good combination so we decided to just travel just a short ways on it and some adjoining roads and not venture far from the paved roads. Sure enough the storms started getting closer and as we were driving, I turned and looked back in the direction we had come from and there was this beautiful little grove of aspen with the sun shining on them and the dark black storm clouds moving in closely behind them.  By the time I got my camera and tripod out and setup for the shot the clouds were just about upon the aspen and I barely got a few shots off before the trees were over taken by darkness.  I just barely made it back to the care with the clouds let loose.  We were certainly glad that we didn’t have far to go to get off the narrow pot hole ridden roads.

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